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Install A Laundry Sink?

Add Racks And Shelving?

Lacking Organization?

Need A Dog Wash Area?

Utility Room Improvements

Utility rooms are most often used as work areas, multipurpose rooms, laundry rooms, or as mudrooms. No matter what you call it or what your vision for the room, there are plenty of improvements that we can help you make to create a more productive, organized, and efficient utility room.

In Orlando, utility rooms are generally where the washer and dryer are located. By adding shelving or closet rods for hanging clothes, you will have an area to quickly hang dried clothes so they won’t get wrinkled. A closet rod can be added to an existing shelf or set up as a stand-alone unit.

If your utility room has the extra space and serves as a mudroom, you may want to add a built in bench that makes it easier to sit down and remove shoes. You can also add a shoe rack for holding wet shoes that need to air-dry.

If you are tight on space in your laundry room, a good solution is to install roll-out hampers into cabinets. This will free up floor space while utilizing available cabinet space. If using cabinet space is not an option, compact hamper units can be hung on the wall.

Ironing boards can be a chore to deal with. Companies today are manufacturing ironing board cabinets that fit into a recessed wall. Some of these cabinets offer an electrical outlet easily plugging in the iron.

For many people, the utility room is also a place for additional storage. Overhead cabinets can provide your Orlando utility room plenty of additional space while helping with organization. Utility room cabinets are available in a wide variety of color and wood types that will match your design style. Newly installed cabinets add a nice touch and are quite a space saver.

Another popular improvement to your Orlando utility room is to add some flat space or working space. By adding a flat counter, you will have more convenient space to fold the laundry rather than on the bed or on top of the washing machine.

For Orlando homeowners with dogs, adding a dog wash area in the corner of the utility room is very helpful. This makes it much easier to wash the family pooch, and how nice to have the mess contained in the utility room, instead of the kitchen or porch. To create a dog wash area, we install a small tub on a platform. This offers relief for your back; no more bending over on the floor. And possibly best of all, it will keep any of the dog’s excess hair and dirt out of the family bathtub or sink.

Before & After

Utility Room - BeforeUtility Room - After


  • Install racks and shelving
  • Upgrade and repair flooring
  • Stabilize washing machines (especially needed on the second floor)
  • Install, repair, and clean dryer vents
  • Install shutoff valves to prevent washing machine flooding
  • Install a laundry chute
  • Upgrade or install a laundry sink
  • Build and install a front-loading pedestal for a washing machine

These are just a few ideas on how to improve your Orlando utility room. You have a lot of options for making your utility room more functional and we are here to help.

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