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Your landscaping is the very first thing that friends and family see when they arrive at your Orlando home. At Handy Andy’s Handyman & Sprinkler Repair, we offer lots of options for making your home look beautiful while improving its value.

Not only can we help you with your landscaping needs, but we also build retaining walls, add outdoor lighting, install outdoor kitchens, patios, and walkways.

Landscaping – Do you need new sod for your lawn? Do you want to add some curb appeal to your Orlando home? Are you looking to add some color to your yard? We offer lots of options for improving the landscaping of your home. Common landscaping services that we offer include:

  • Yard cleanup
  • Installing new sod
  • Mulching
  • Planting flowers, plants, and trees

Retaining Walls – Do you need to hold back a slope? Would you like to create additional outdoor living space for your Orlando home? If so, then a retaining wall might be just what you are looking for. Our retaining walls provide additional outdoor living space while adding a nice design feature to your yard. Retaining walls are very helpful for reducing the amount of soil that gets washed away from your yard during a rain storm. Yards that are sloped will benefit the most from a new retaining wall.

Outdoor Kitchens – Orlando homeowners can really take advantage of living in the Sunshine state by adding an outdoor kitchen. One of the best things about living in Orlando is that you can use your outdoor kitchen just about the entire year. Outdoor kitchens are a family favorite for parties, and they are a great complement to your pool or deck. Your outdoor kitchen can be designed in such a way as to blend in with the design style of your home.

You have a lot of options to consider with an outdoor kitchen. You can choose form granite, stucco, tile, marble, stone, or brick as the base and surfaces. You can also add beer taps, a refrigerator, warmer drawers, running water, side burners, and even a sear station, if you fancy. Do you imagine your kitchen as an L-shape, U-shape, or as a basic island? We can help you create the perfect design.

Outdoor Lighting – We can install all types of outdoor lights to your Orlando home. By lighting the key features of your home (drive, trees, pond, pool, pathways, and other outdoor spaces) you will add security and comfort for your family and guests.

Patios and Walkways – Patios and walkways add a nice touch to your home. They do not always need to be constructed out of concrete, either. We can build your patio or walkway out of other materials such as flagstone or brick. We offer a variety of patio designs that will help turn your yard into an attractive place to relax and entertain guests and family.


We have been servicing customers and their friends in the Orlando area for many years. We offer professional quality work at fair prices. We are fully licensed, certified, and insured in the state of Florida as a licensed irrigation contractor.

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