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Cleanup and Organization – Garages can often turn into a family’s in-home storage unit. Over the years, items begin to accumulate in the garage to the point that the family car won’t fit any more. That’s a good sign that it’s time to get your garage organized. At Handy Andy’s Handyman & Sprinkler Repair, we can install attic ladders, attic decking, work benches, shelving, hooks, racks, and a wide variety of space-saving solutions to help make your garage usable again. If you have unwanted items in your garage, we can also clean up and haul what you don’t want to keep anymore. By cleaning and reorganizing your garage, you will recapture some useful home space.

Orlando Garage Renovation & CleanupGarage Build Out / Room Conversion – Are you in need of an extra room in your house? Do you need more office space? Do you have an additional family member living with you? Are you looking for additional rental income? An affordable option for most Orlando homeowners is to convert their garage rather than paying for a home addition or renting office space outside the home. We make sure your build out / room conversion is properly designed, lit, cooled, and insulated. We can even add a full bathroom for added privacy and convenience to your garage conversion.

Garage Flooring – There are plenty of options when it comes to the garage floor of your Orlando home. Flooring options include paint, epoxy, floor mats, ceramic tile, and carpet.

Here are some more common repairs and upgrades that we do to garages.

• Floor covering
• Conversions
• Insulating and/or ventilating walls, roof
• Decking the attic for additional storage space
• Wall painting and finish work
• Adding or replacing attic stairs
• Rotten wood replacement
• Replacing entry doors

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