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We are Orlando’s full service lawn sprinkler company. We are fully licensed, bonded, and insured. Our professional approach and quality components make us the right choice for your residential and/or commercial lawn sprinkler system repairs or installation.

Rainbird SprinklerIn addition to installing quality lawn sprinkler systems in the Orlando area, we service and repair all brands of existing lawn irrigation equipment, including Rain Bird sprinkler and irrigation systems. Our qualified technicians will provide extra care for your Orlando home and/or office landscaping, irrigation, and sprinkler needs.

Sprinkler System Evaluations

We also offer complete sprinkler system evaluations and a water conservation evaluation to make sure that your irrigation system is running efficiently. If irrigation problems are left unresolved, this not only costs you extra money on your monthly water bill, but you might also be faced with replacing your landscaping (lawn, hedges, trees, and plants) or causing water damage to your or a neighbor’s home.

Before and After Sprinkler Repair

Common Sprinkler Repairs for Orlando Homeowners

Sprinkler Heads – Sprinkler heads can easily break when either stepped on or struck by a lawnmower blade. Often, these breakages can occur when the sprinkler head is installed too high. Installing it too low can also lead to problems. If it is installed too low, lawn debris can damage its seal. When we install or replace your broken sprinkler heads, we make sure that the height of the sprinkler head is set correctly to help avoid future breaking or any seal damage.

Broken Pipes and Lines – Problems with sprinkler lines can be quickly identified by a loss of pressure, dry or dead spots in the lawn, or overly saturated areas. Sprinkler lines can leak or break for a wide variety of reasons. Common reasons for sprinkler lines breaking include getting struck by a shovel or lawn aerator or resting against a sharp rock. At Handy Andy’s Handyman & Sprinkler Repair, we can repair your broken irrigation lines or install a whole new system from scratch.

Orlando Sprinkler Repairs
Sprinkler Pump Installation and Repairs – Sprinkler pumps may not work properly for lots of different reasons. The good news is that a sprinkler pump that is not working correctly does not always need to be replaced. Here are some common causes to a malfunctioning sprinkler pump:

• Low system pressure
• Blown fuse or tripped circuit breaker
• Motor set to incorrect voltage
• Pump voltage is too low
• Dirty or burnt contacts
• Loose or disconnected wires
• Motor failure
• Pump not primed
• Improperly installed valves
• Valve, tee, or elbow installed too close to inlet pump
• Suction pipe is buried in mud or dirt

More Common lawn sprinkler services for Orlando Residents include

• Designing a new irrigation system
• Sprinkler system installs for both commercial and residential
• Adding a zone or capping off a zone
• Timer and pump repair or replacement
• Drip and Netafim systems
• Controlling wire breaks and valve locates
• Major sprinkler repairs
• Minor sprinkler repairs
• Sprinkler system efficiency improvements
• Coverage improvements

About Handy Andy’s Handyman & Sprinkler Repair

We have been servicing customers and their friends in the Orlando area for many years. We offer professional quality work at fair prices. We are fully licensed, certified, and insured in the state of Florida as a “certified building contractor”.

No sprinkler/irrigation system install or repair is too large or too small. Simply give us a call at 407-522-2730 for a no-obligation quote today.


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