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May 30, 2013

Andy Carlin of A to Z Construction and Handyman ServicesHandyman Tip of the Week: This one goes out to my buddy Neill. If you are planning a road trip: Be sure to check all your tires including your spare for proper air pressure. If your spare is located underneath your vehicle instead of in the trunk, be sure to lower it and make sure it is still in good repair (including the mechanism that raises and lowers the spare) water and salt from the roads are known to rust the rim and the spare tire release mechanism. Also, it never hurts to spray the lugs with some sort of penetrating oil. Lastly, be sure you have a proper tire iron (I recommend a 4 way lug wrench) and a couple of blocks of wood to chalk the tires. This may save you several hours on the side of the road or in this case an all night diner that isn’t open all night???

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May 10, 2013

Andy Carlin of A to Z Construction and Handyman Services Handyman tip of the week: If your daughter spilled her make-up on the carpet (hint, hint, hint). Using a clean towel blot (do not rub) with cool water first. Once the majority is up, add 1 tsp of dish soap and 1 tsp white vineagar to a quart of water, mix thoroughly and blot again. Lastly, using a clean dry towel, lay over newly cleaned area and set something heavy on top of the towel overnight. In the morning all make-up should be removed.

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