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There are many areas on the exterior of your home that need to be maintained to help your home look its best. We offer Orlando homeowners a wide variety of exterior home improvements and repairs.

Here are some of our most requested exterior home improvements:

Gutter Repair, Cleaning, an Installation – Over time gutters can become clogged or detached. When this happens, rain can cause havoc on your drywall, roof, landscaping, and can even cause flooding. Gutters are often the last part of a home improvement project to get attention. Homeowners are often more concerned with cosmetic or functional fixes, like upgrading their kitchen or master bathroom. Gutters are often neglected or forgotten until a problem occurs.

Before and After Exterior Home RepairWith our gutter cleaning services, we remove all twigs, branches, nests, nuts, leaves, toys, balls, and bugs that would hinder rainwater from flowing away from your home. A regularly or seasonally scheduled gutter cleaning can save you lots of money and time. By maintaining your gutters, you will extend the life of your roof while protecting the value of your home.

Normally with just one visit, Handy Andy’s Handyman & Sprinkler Repair can repair your gutters while cleaning up any areas in the interior or exterior of your Orlando home damaged by water.

Pressure Washing and Cleaning – Pressure washing is a proven way to remove mildew, mold, dust, dirt, debris, and spider webs off of the exterior of your home. Normally, the exterior of your Orlando home will need to have its walls, roof, patios, sidewalks, retaining walls, deck, pool area, and driveway pressure washed. By properly pressure washing, we can extend the life of your home’s exterior paint, revitalize an old deck, and keep your home looking great.

Exterior House Paint

Is the exterior paint of your home looking chipped and dull? If so, it may be time to touch up some areas or repaint the exterior of your Orlando home. We use only top quality paints to help ensure a long lasting exterior paint job. Better quality exterior paints, will stand up better against strong rain, hail, winds, and the brutal Florida sun. By using the right paint and materials, we make sure your home looks great for years to come. We also repair any stucco cracks that can cut short the life of your new paint job.

Orlando Patio Repair

Deck Cleaning, Installation, Sealing, and Repair

Are you looking to add a new deck? Maybe you just need to seal, clean, or repair an existing deck. No matter what your needs, we can help. We sweep, clean, scrub, stain, paint, seal, and install all types of decks for homes and boats (docks). We handle the designing, permitting, and construction of all decks.

Fence Installation and Repair

We offer endless options when it comes to installing a new fence at your Orlando home. Here are some of the more popular fences that we install and repair in the Orlando area:

• Wood picket, privacy, board, and split rail
• Vinyl picket, privacy, post, and rail
• Chain link
• Ornamental metal, aluminum, wrought iron, and steel
• Animal fences, including horse fences and dog fences
• Entry gates
• Pool gates for children

Other common exterior home services that we offer in the Orlando area include:

• Replacing rotted wood (wood rot)
• Installing pet doors
• Painting touch ups
• Installing sliding doors
• Sealing and repairing stucco cracks
• Installing and repairing windows
• Installation and repairing siding
• Repairing masonry
• Repairing and installing of awnings and down spouts
• Installing and repairing front doors
• Repairing water-damaged ceilings
• Repairing and installing residential fences

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We have been servicing customers and their friends in the Orlando area for over 15 years. We offer professional quality work at fair prices. We are fully licensed, certified, and insured in the state of Florida as a “certified building contractor”.

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